FilterInfo FilterInfo FilterInfo Class


Encapsulates information about the available action filters.

public class FilterInfo
type FilterInfo = class
Public Class FilterInfo


FilterInfo() FilterInfo() FilterInfo()

Initializes a new instance of the FilterInfo class.

FilterInfo(IEnumerable<Filter>) FilterInfo(IEnumerable<Filter>) FilterInfo(IEnumerable<Filter>)

Initializes a new instance of the FilterInfo class using the specified filters collection.


ActionFilters ActionFilters ActionFilters

Gets all the action filters in the application.

AuthenticationFilters AuthenticationFilters AuthenticationFilters

Gets all the authentication filters in the application.

AuthorizationFilters AuthorizationFilters AuthorizationFilters

Gets all the authorization filters in the application.

ExceptionFilters ExceptionFilters ExceptionFilters

Gets all the exception filters in the application.

ResultFilters ResultFilters ResultFilters

Gets all the result filters in the application.

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