ViewResultBase ViewResultBase ViewResultBase Class


Represents a base class that is used to provide the model to the view and then render the view to the response.

public abstract class ViewResultBase : System.Web.Mvc.ActionResult
type ViewResultBase = class
    inherit ActionResult
Public MustInherit Class ViewResultBase
Inherits ActionResult


ViewResultBase() ViewResultBase() ViewResultBase()

Initializes a new instance of the ViewResultBase class.


Model Model Model

Gets the view data model.

TempData TempData TempData

Gets or sets the TempDataDictionary object for this result.

View View View

Gets or sets the IView object that is rendered to the response.

ViewBag ViewBag ViewBag

Gets the view bag.

ViewData ViewData ViewData

Gets or sets the view data ViewDataDictionary object for this result.

ViewEngineCollection ViewEngineCollection ViewEngineCollection

Gets or sets the collection of view engines that are associated with this result.

ViewName ViewName ViewName

Gets or sets the name of the view to render.


ExecuteResult(ControllerContext) ExecuteResult(ControllerContext) ExecuteResult(ControllerContext)

When called by the action invoker, renders the view to the response.

FindView(ControllerContext) FindView(ControllerContext) FindView(ControllerContext)

Returns the ViewEngineResult object that is used to render the view.

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