ProfileAutoSaveEventHandler Delegate


Represents the method that will handle the ProfileAutoSaving event of a ProfileModule.

public delegate void ProfileAutoSaveEventHandler(System::Object ^ sender, ProfileAutoSaveEventArgs ^ e);
public delegate void ProfileAutoSaveEventHandler(object sender, ProfileAutoSaveEventArgs e);
type ProfileAutoSaveEventHandler = delegate of obj * ProfileAutoSaveEventArgs -> unit
Public Delegate Sub ProfileAutoSaveEventHandler(sender As Object, e As ProfileAutoSaveEventArgs)



The ProfileModule that raised the ProfileAutoSaving event.


A ProfileAutoSaveEventArgs that contains the event data.



The following code example shows the ProfileAutoSaving event included in the Global.asax file for an ASP.NET application.

public void Profile_ProfileAutoSaving(object sender, ProfileAutoSaveEventArgs args)
  if (Profile.Cart.HasChanged)
    args.ContinueWithProfileAutoSave = true;
    args.ContinueWithProfileAutoSave = false;
Public Sub Profile_ProfileAutoSaving(sender As Object, args As ProfileAutoSaveEventArgs)
  If Profile.Cart.HasChanged Then
    args.ContinueWithProfileAutoSave = True
    args.ContinueWithProfileAutoSave = False
  End If
End Sub


The ProfileAutoSaveEventHandler delegate is defined for the ProfileAutoSaving event of the ProfileModule class. You can access the ProfileAutoSaving event of the ProfileModule class in the Global.asax file for your ASP.NET application, as shown in the example for this topic. The ProfileAutoSaving event is raised at the end of page execution if the AutomaticSaveEnabled property is true.

The Save method automatically determines whether properties that are made up of primitive types, strings, or DateTime objects have been changed, by checking the IsDirty property value for each SettingsPropertyValue in the user profile. However, the Save method cannot explicitly determine whether a custom class has changed. You can handle the ProfileAutoSaving event to determine whether a custom object has been modified and to continue with the automatic save for modified objects and cancel the automatic save if no objects have been modified.

To cancel the automatic profile save operation, set the ContinueWithProfileAutoSave property to false in the ProfileAutoSaving event; otherwise, set the ContinueWithProfileAutoSave property to true.

There may be multiple subscribers to the ProfileAutoSaving event. The ProfileModule will use the last value that the ContinueWithProfileAutoSave property is set to. As a result, it is recommended that you explicitly set the ContinueWithProfileAutoSave property in the ProfileAutoSaving event, regardless of whether you are canceling or continuing with the automatic save, as you may need to overwrite the value set by an earlier subscriber.

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