ActiveDirectoryMembershipProvider.MaxInvalidPasswordAttempts ActiveDirectoryMembershipProvider.MaxInvalidPasswordAttempts ActiveDirectoryMembershipProvider.MaxInvalidPasswordAttempts ActiveDirectoryMembershipProvider.MaxInvalidPasswordAttempts Property


Gets the number of failed answer attempts a user is allowed for the password-reset question.

 virtual property int MaxInvalidPasswordAttempts { int get(); };
public override int MaxInvalidPasswordAttempts { get; }
member this.MaxInvalidPasswordAttempts : int
Public Overrides ReadOnly Property MaxInvalidPasswordAttempts As Integer

Property Value

The number of failed password answer attempts a user is allowed before the account is locked. The default is 5.



The following code example shows a Web.config entry that configures an ActiveDirectoryMembershipProvider instance to lock out users who make three failed attempts to enter the password answer in a 10-minute time window. If the user is locked out, no further attempts to answer the password question may be made for 15 minutes.

    <add name="ADService" connectionString="LDAP://ldapServer/" />  
    <membership defaultProvider="AspNetActiveDirectoryMembershipProvider">  
        <add name="AspNetActiveDirectoryMembershipProvider"   
          System.Web, Version=2.0.3600, Culture=neutral,  
          passwordAnswerAttemptLockoutDuration="15" />  


When the EnablePasswordReset property is true, the user must answer the password question to reset his or her password. The user is allowed a limited number of answer attempts within the time window established by the PasswordAttemptWindow property. If the number of password answer attempts is greater than or equal to the value stored in the MaxInvalidPasswordAttempts property, the user is locked out of further attempts for the number of minutes stored in the PasswordAnswerAttemptLockoutDuration property.


This property does not control the number of failed logon attempts a user can make before being locked out. The Active Directory server handles failed logon attempts and is not affected by the value of this property.

The MaxInvalidPasswordAttempts property is set in your application's configuration file using the maxInvalidPasswordAttempts attribute of the membership Element (ASP.NET Settings Schema) element. If the property is not set in the application's configuration file, the MaxInvalidPasswordAttempts property is set to the default value of 5.

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