SoapExtension.ChainStream(Stream) SoapExtension.ChainStream(Stream) SoapExtension.ChainStream(Stream) Method


When overridden in a derived class, allows a SOAP extension access to the memory buffer containing the SOAP request or response.

 virtual System::IO::Stream ^ ChainStream(System::IO::Stream ^ stream);
public virtual System.IO.Stream ChainStream (System.IO.Stream stream);
abstract member ChainStream : System.IO.Stream -> System.IO.Stream
override this.ChainStream : System.IO.Stream -> System.IO.Stream


Stream Stream Stream

A memory buffer containing the SOAP request or response.


A Stream representing a new memory buffer that this SOAP extension can modify.


The following example saves both the Stream passed into ChainStream and the Stream returned from ChainStream in the member variables oldStream and newStream, respectively.

   virtual Stream^ ChainStream( Stream^ stream ) override
      oldStream = stream;
      newStream = gcnew MemoryStream;
      return newStream;
public override Stream ChainStream( Stream stream ){
    oldStream = stream;
    newStream = new MemoryStream();
    return newStream;
Public Overrides Function ChainStream(stream As Stream) As Stream
    m_oldStream = stream
    m_newStream = New MemoryStream()
    Return m_newStream
End Function


ChainStream ensures that SOAP extensions with the highest priority can modify the actual data closest to the SOAP message sent or returned over the wire.

SOAP extensions should save references of the Stream passed into ChainStream and the Stream returned from ChainStream. If the SOAP extension is configured to run with a XML Web service method, the Stream passed into ChainStream contains the serialized SOAP request at the BeforeDeserializeSoapMessageStage. Similarly, the Stream reference returned from ChainStream is written into when the serialization occurs and thus contains the serialized SOAP response in the AfterSerializeSoapMessageStage.

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