ControlSkinDelegate Delegate


Represents the method that applies the correct control skin to the specified control.

public delegate System::Web::UI::Control ^ ControlSkinDelegate(Control ^ control);
public delegate System.Web.UI.Control ControlSkinDelegate(Control control);
type ControlSkinDelegate = delegate of Control -> Control
Public Delegate Function ControlSkinDelegate(control As Control) As Control 



The Control to which to apply the theme skin.

Return Value


The Control that was passed to the method, with a control skin applied.



Page and control developers do not use the ControlSkinDelegate, ControlSkin, or PageTheme classes directly. These classes are used internally by the ASP.NET page framework to apply server- side properties and cascading style sheet definitions that are defined in ASP.NET themes and control skin files to specific types of controls.

The ControlSkinDelegate delegate is associated with the ApplySkin method of the ControlSkin class. The ControlSkin class represents an ASP.NET control skin, which is a component of an ASP.NET theme represented by a PageTheme object. For more information about ASP.NET themes, see ASP.NET Themes and Skins.

Extension Methods


Gets an object that represents the method represented by the specified delegate.

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