CustomizeMapAreasEventArgs CustomizeMapAreasEventArgs CustomizeMapAreasEventArgs CustomizeMapAreasEventArgs Class


Provides data for the CustomizeMapAreas event of the Chart control.

public ref class CustomizeMapAreasEventArgs : EventArgs
public class CustomizeMapAreasEventArgs : EventArgs
type CustomizeMapAreasEventArgs = class
    inherit EventArgs
Public Class CustomizeMapAreasEventArgs
Inherits EventArgs


This class provides data for the CustomizeMapAreas event of the Chart control.

The only property of this class is the MapAreaItemss property, which enables developers to:

  • Delete or customize map areas that have been created for a chart object; any DataPoint, Series, LegendItem or StripLine object that has a non-empty Url, MapAreaAttributes or ToolTip property will have an associated map area object.

  • Add custom map areas that have a user-defined shape and coordinates.


CustomizeMapAreasEventArgs(MapAreasCollection) CustomizeMapAreasEventArgs(MapAreasCollection) CustomizeMapAreasEventArgs(MapAreasCollection) CustomizeMapAreasEventArgs(MapAreasCollection)

Initializes a new instance of the CustomizeMapAreasEventArgs class with the specified map areas collection.


MapAreaItems MapAreaItems MapAreaItems MapAreaItems

Gets or sets a MapAreasCollection object. Can be used to remove or modify map areas that correspond to a chart object, or to add custom map areas.


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