StripLine.StripWidth Property


Gets or sets the width of a strip line.

 property double StripWidth { double get(); void set(double value); };
public double StripWidth { get; set; }
member this.StripWidth : double with get, set
Public Property StripWidth As Double

Property Value


A double value that determines whether a strip or a line is drawn. The default value is 0.0.



This property cannot be set to a value less than 0.0, otherwise an exception will be raised.

A setting of 0.0 will result in a line being drawn; this line will use the BorderColor, BorderDashStyle and BorderWidth property settings for its color, width and style. None of the Back* properties in this class are utilized when the value of StripWidth is 0.0.

If you set the StripWidth property to a value greater than 0.0, a strip will be created. The BorderColor, BorderDashStyle and BorderWidth properties only apply to the border of the strip; all of the Back* properties are then used for the background properties of the strip.

If the value of the StripWidth property is greater than 0.0, the units are determined by the relevant axis scale.

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