ContainerControlDesigner.FrameCaption Property


Gets the caption that is displayed for a control at design time.

 virtual property System::String ^ FrameCaption { System::String ^ get(); };
public virtual string FrameCaption { get; }
member this.FrameCaption : string
Public Overridable ReadOnly Property FrameCaption As String

Property Value

The string used for the control frame caption at design time, if the control has a design-time caption; otherwise, an empty string ("").


The FrameCaption string is the caption that is displayed in the frame around the editable region of the control on the design surface.

The default caption for a ContainerControlDesigner frame is the ID property of the designer instance. This is typically the same as the run-time ID property of the control.

Notes to Inheritors

You can set a different frame caption for a control designer by deriving a class from the ContainerControlDesigner class, and then overriding the FrameCaption property.

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