IWebFormReferenceManager IWebFormReferenceManager IWebFormReferenceManager IWebFormReferenceManager Interface



This API is now obsolete.

Provides an interface that can look up information about the types used in the current Web Forms project.

public interface class IWebFormReferenceManager
[System.Obsolete("The recommended alternative is System.Web.UI.Design.WebFormsReferenceManager. The WebFormsReferenceManager contains additional functionality and allows for more extensibility. To get the WebFormsReferenceManager use the RootDesigner.ReferenceManager property from your ControlDesigner. http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?linkid=14202")]
public interface IWebFormReferenceManager
type IWebFormReferenceManager = interface
Public Interface IWebFormReferenceManager



The IWebFormReferenceManager interface is obsolete. Use the WebFormsReferenceManager class for equivalent designer functionality.

A Web Forms document designer must implement this interface. Implementing this interface enables a designer to manage references and provide information related to Web Forms controls within the project.


GetObjectType(String, String) GetObjectType(String, String) GetObjectType(String, String) GetObjectType(String, String)

Gets the type of the specified object.

GetRegisterDirectives() GetRegisterDirectives() GetRegisterDirectives() GetRegisterDirectives()

Gets the register directives for the current project.

GetTagPrefix(Type) GetTagPrefix(Type) GetTagPrefix(Type) GetTagPrefix(Type)

Gets the tag prefix for the specified type of object.

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