PanelContainerDesigner.UsePreviewControl PanelContainerDesigner.UsePreviewControl PanelContainerDesigner.UsePreviewControl PanelContainerDesigner.UsePreviewControl Property


Gets a value indicating whether the designer should use a temporary copy rather than the actual control that is associated with the designer to generate the design-time markup.

 virtual property bool UsePreviewControl { bool get(); };
protected override bool UsePreviewControl { get; }
member this.UsePreviewControl : bool
Protected Overrides ReadOnly Property UsePreviewControl As Boolean

Property Value


Because the UsePreviewControl property is always true, the designer uses a View control that contains a copy of the associated Panel control to generate the design-time markup. The View control does not affect any persistence for the Panel.

If the UsePreviewControl property has been overridden to return false, the designer will use the associated Panel itself to generate the design-time markup, and design-time changes to the control will persist to the page markup source.

Notes to Inheritors

You can override the UsePreviewControl property to return false or to determine its value based on whether the control is marked with a class-level SupportsPreviewControlAttribute attribute. If the UsePreviewControl is not overridden, the Panel control ignores the SupportsPreviewControlAttribute attribute.

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