IControlAdapter.HandlePostBackEvent(String) Method


Returns true if the event was handled. This API is obsolete. For information about how to develop ASP.NET mobile applications, see Mobile Apps & Sites with ASP.NET.

 bool HandlePostBackEvent(System::String ^ eventArgument);
public bool HandlePostBackEvent (string eventArgument);
abstract member HandlePostBackEvent : string -> bool
Public Function HandlePostBackEvent (eventArgument As String) As Boolean



Name of the event.


true if the postback event was handled; otherwise, false.


This method is called by a control when it receives a postback event notification, to check whether the event is adapter specific. If the control implements IPostBackEventHandler and receives a postback event, the RaisePostBackEvent method of the control adapter is called. If events sent to the control can vary depending on the target device, the control implementation of this method must call the HandlePostBackEvent method of the control adapter. This method returns true or false, indicating whether the device adapter handled the event. It returns false by default.

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