ProfileServiceManager.LoadProperties ProfileServiceManager.LoadProperties ProfileServiceManager.LoadProperties ProfileServiceManager.LoadProperties Property


Gets or sets an array that contains the profile properties that will be made available to client script.

 property cli::array <System::String ^> ^ LoadProperties { cli::array <System::String ^> ^ get(); void set(cli::array <System::String ^> ^ value); };
public string[] LoadProperties { get; set; }
member this.LoadProperties : string[] with get, set
Public Property LoadProperties As String()

Property Value


A string array that contains the names of the profile properties that will be preloaded and made available to client script. The default is an empty array.


The LoadProperties property includes property names that are not in the current application's profile schema.


If LoadProperties contains at least one string that corresponds to the name of a profile property, then the built-in profile service in the Web application retrieves the current user's profile data for each of the specified profile properties. The profile property values are serialized and then made available to client script through the properties Field collection.


To set this property declaratively, use a comma-separated list of property names. For grouped property values, use the syntax GroupName.PropertyName.

When LoadProperties is an empty array, no profile data is preloaded.

The LoadProperties property can be specified in the ScriptManager control or in an associated ScriptManagerProxy control. When LoadProperties is set on both the ScriptManager control and on one or more ScriptManagerProxy controls, the set of properties is determined by merging all the specified properties. Duplicate properties are ignored.

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