BaseCompareValidator.DetermineRenderUplevel Method


Determines whether the validation control can be rendered for a newer ("uplevel") browser.

 override bool DetermineRenderUplevel();
protected override bool DetermineRenderUplevel ();
override this.DetermineRenderUplevel : unit -> bool
Protected Overrides Function DetermineRenderUplevel () As Boolean


true if the validation control can be rendered for an "uplevel" browser; otherwise, false.


The DetermineRenderUplevel method is a helper function used primarily by the RenderUplevel property to determine whether the client's browser supports "uplevel" rendering (rendering on a newer browser). The BaseCompareValidator class overrides this method to return false if the current culture uses a non-Gregorian calendar.


This method is used primarily by control developers.

Notes to Inheritors

When overriding the DetermineRenderUplevel() method, be sure to call the corresponding method in the base class. Otherwise, conditions defined in the base class will be bypassed.

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