BaseValidator.ControlPropertiesValid BaseValidator.ControlPropertiesValid BaseValidator.ControlPropertiesValid BaseValidator.ControlPropertiesValid Method


Determines whether the control specified by the ControlToValidate property is a valid control.

 virtual bool ControlPropertiesValid();
protected virtual bool ControlPropertiesValid ();
abstract member ControlPropertiesValid : unit -> bool
override this.ControlPropertiesValid : unit -> bool
Protected Overridable Function ControlPropertiesValid () As Boolean


true if the control specified by ControlToValidate is a valid control; otherwise, false.


No value is specified for the ControlToValidate property.


The input control specified by the ControlToValidate property is not found on the page.


The input control specified by the ControlToValidate property does not have a ValidationPropertyAttribute attribute associated with it; therefore, it cannot be validated with a validation control.


The ControlPropertiesValid method is a helper method used primarily by the PropertiesValid property to determine whether the ControlToValidate property contains a valid input control. To be a valid input control, the ControlToValidate property must be set to some value and that value must be a control on the page that supports validation.


This method is used primarily by control developers.

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