BoundField.GetValue(Control) BoundField.GetValue(Control) BoundField.GetValue(Control) BoundField.GetValue(Control) Method


Retrieves the value of the field bound to the BoundField object.

 virtual System::Object ^ GetValue(System::Web::UI::Control ^ controlContainer);
protected virtual object GetValue (System.Web.UI.Control controlContainer);
abstract member GetValue : System.Web.UI.Control -> obj
override this.GetValue : System.Web.UI.Control -> obj
Protected Overridable Function GetValue (controlContainer As Control) As Object


Control Control Control Control

The container for the field value.


The value of the field bound to the BoundField.


The container specified by the controlContainer parameter is null.


The container specified by the controlContainer parameter does not have a data item.


The data field was not found.


The GetValue method is a helper method used to determine the value of a field. If the BoundField object is being displayed in a designer and the field value cannot be determined at design time, the value returned from the GetDesignTimeValue method is returned instead of the actual field value.


This method is used primarily by control developers.

Notes to Inheritors

When extending the BoundField class, you can override this method to provide a custom routine to determine a field's value.

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