ChangePassword.ChangePasswordButtonCommandName Field


Represents the CommandName value of the Change Password button. This field is read-only.

public: static initonly System::String ^ ChangePasswordButtonCommandName;
public static readonly string ChangePasswordButtonCommandName;
 staticval mutable ChangePasswordButtonCommandName : string
Public Shared ReadOnly ChangePasswordButtonCommandName As String 

Field Value


Use the ChangePasswordButtonCommandName field to represent the CommandName value of the Change Password button. This is useful when configuring any button to mimic the functionality of the Change Password button of the ChangePassword control. The Change Password button completes the last step in the ChangePassword control.

To assign change-password functionality to any Button control contained in the ChangePassword control, set the CommandName property of the button to the string that is contained in the ChangePasswordButtonCommandName field.

The Change Password button can appear on the ChangePassword template or the Success template. In both cases, clicking the Change Password button calls the membership provider to change the password. To add custom functionality to the Change Password button, create an event handler for the ChangedPassword event.

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