DataPager.CreatePagerFields Method


Creates the DataPagerField objects that are contained by the Fields property of the DataPager control.

 virtual void CreatePagerFields();
protected virtual void CreatePagerFields ();
abstract member CreatePagerFields : unit -> unit
override this.CreatePagerFields : unit -> unit
Protected Overridable Sub CreatePagerFields ()


The CreatePagerFields method is used by the PageSize property and by the OnTotalRowCountAvailable method to create the DataPagerField objects that are contained by the Fields property. This method calls the DataPagerField.CreateDataPagers method to create the user interface (UI) controls for each field in the collection.

The pager fields are created in the DataPager control in the order that the pager fields appear in the Fields collection. The following table shows the pager field classes that derive from the DataPagerField class and that can be created in the DataPager control.

Pager field type Description
NextPreviousPagerField Enables users to navigate through pages of data one page at a time, or to jump to the first or last page of data.
NumericPagerField Enables users to select a page of data by page number.
TemplatePagerField Enables you to create a custom paging UI.

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