EntityDataSource.Inserting Event


Occurs before a new object is persisted to the data source.

 event EventHandler<System::Web::UI::WebControls::EntityDataSourceChangingEventArgs ^> ^ Inserting;
public event EventHandler<System.Web.UI.WebControls.EntityDataSourceChangingEventArgs> Inserting;
member this.Inserting : EventHandler<System.Web.UI.WebControls.EntityDataSourceChangingEventArgs> 
Public Custom Event Inserting As EventHandler(Of EntityDataSourceChangingEventArgs) 


The Inserting event is raised before a new object is persisted to the data source. The Inserting event enables you to modify or verify the object being added, add a different object, or cancel the operation. You can access the object to be added from the Entity property of the EntityDataSourceChangingEventArgs object. If supplying a different object, the user is responsible for setting the correct entity type in the Entity property.

To stop the object from being added, set the Cancel property of the EntityDataSourceChangingEventArgs object to true.

If an error occurs when creating a new object, the Inserting event is raised and the Exception property of the EntityDataSourceChangingEventArgs object is set to the returned Exception.

When you handle the exception in the Inserting event handler, set the ExceptionHandled property to true. This prevents the exception from being raised again. When you specify a value of false for the ExceptionHandled property, the EntityDataSource re-raises the exception.

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