Substitution.CreateControlCollection Substitution.CreateControlCollection Substitution.CreateControlCollection Substitution.CreateControlCollection Method


Returns an EmptyControlCollection object, indicating that the Substitution control does not support child controls.

 override System::Web::UI::ControlCollection ^ CreateControlCollection();
protected override System.Web.UI.ControlCollection CreateControlCollection ();
override this.CreateControlCollection : unit -> System.Web.UI.ControlCollection
Protected Overrides Function CreateControlCollection () As ControlCollection


An EmptyControlCollection, indicating that the control does not support child controls.


The CreateControlCollection method is typically used to create a ControlCollection object to store the child controls for a control. The implementation of the CreateControlCollection method for a Substitution control always returns an EmptyControlCollection object, to indicate that the Substitution control does not support child controls.

Notes to Inheritors

When extending the Substitution control, you can override the CreateControlCollection() method in a derived class to support child controls.

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