WebPart.OnEditModeChanged(EventArgs) Method


Enables derived classes to provide custom handling when a WebPart control is entering or leaving edit mode.

protected public:
 virtual void OnEditModeChanged(EventArgs ^ e);
protected internal virtual void OnEditModeChanged (EventArgs e);
abstract member OnEditModeChanged : EventArgs -> unit
override this.OnEditModeChanged : EventArgs -> unit
Protected Friend Overridable Sub OnEditModeChanged (e As EventArgs)



An EventArgs that contains the event data.


The method in the WebPart base class contains no implementation.

Notes to Inheritors

A derived control needs to override the OnEditModeChanged(EventArgs) method, and use the overridden method to raise a custom event. Developers can raise custom events or carry out other actions. The method is called when the BeginWebPartEditing(WebPart) and EndWebPartEditing() methods are called during editing.

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