WebPartVerbsEventHandler Delegate


Represents the delegate for the CreateVerbs event.

public delegate void WebPartVerbsEventHandler(System::Object ^ sender, WebPartVerbsEventArgs ^ e);
public delegate void WebPartVerbsEventHandler(object sender, WebPartVerbsEventArgs e);
type WebPartVerbsEventHandler = delegate of obj * WebPartVerbsEventArgs -> unit
Public Delegate Sub WebPartVerbsEventHandler(sender As Object, e As WebPartVerbsEventArgs)



The source of the event.


The event arguments.



The WebPartVerbsEventHandler class is used to specify the methods that are invoked in response to a CreateVerbs event, which occurs when the Web Parts verbs are created for a zone that derives from the WebPartZoneBase class.

Web Parts verbs represent actions that users can perform in the user interface (UI) of a Web Parts page, such as minimizing, closing, or restoring controls; adding controls to a page; or canceling an action. Verbs can appear in both the header and footer areas of a zone, and there are both standard verbs provided with the Web Parts control set, and custom verbs that can be added by developers. A verb is represented in the UI by a clickable object, which you can set to appear as a hyperlink, an image, or a button, by using the VerbButtonType property.

A WebPartZone zone provides a standard set of verbs that get rendered in a Web Parts control's verbs menu. A custom Web Parts zone, or a Web Parts control inside a Web Parts zone, can add additional verbs to the menu.

A control in a Web Parts zone can add verbs to the control's verbs menu by inheriting from the WebPart base class and overriding the Verbs property. If the control does not inherit from the WebPart base class, you can add a new verb by implementing the IWebActionable interface, and then overriding the Verbs collection.

The protected WebPartZoneBase.OnCreateVerbs method allows derived classes to override the event without attaching a delegate to it. A derived class must always call the OnCreateVerbs method of the base class to ensure that registered delegates receive the event.

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