WizardStepType WizardStepType WizardStepType WizardStepType Enum


Specifies the types of navigation UI that can be displayed for a step in a Wizard control.

public enum class WizardStepType
public enum WizardStepType
type WizardStepType = 
Public Enum WizardStepType


Auto Auto Auto Auto 0

The navigation UI that is rendered for the step is determined automatically by the order in which the step is declared.

Complete Complete Complete Complete 1

The step is the last one to appear. No navigation buttons are rendered.

Finish Finish Finish Finish 2

The step is the final data collection step. Finish and Previous buttons are rendered for navigation.

Start Start Start Start 3

The step is the first one to appear. A Next button is rendered but a Previous button is not rendered for this step.

Step Step Step Step 4

The step is any step between the Start and the Finish steps. Previous and Next buttons are rendered for navigation. This step type is useful for overriding the Auto step type.

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