AspNetWebSocketContext AspNetWebSocketContext AspNetWebSocketContext AspNetWebSocketContext Class


Provides a base class that represents contextual details about an individual AspNetWebSocket request.

public ref class AspNetWebSocketContext abstract : System::Net::WebSockets::WebSocketContext
public abstract class AspNetWebSocketContext : System.Net.WebSockets.WebSocketContext
type AspNetWebSocketContext = class
    inherit WebSocketContext
Public MustInherit Class AspNetWebSocketContext
Inherits WebSocketContext


AspNetWebSocketContext() AspNetWebSocketContext() AspNetWebSocketContext() AspNetWebSocketContext()

When implemented in a derived class, initializes a new instance of the AspNetWebSocketContext class.


AnonymousID AnonymousID AnonymousID AnonymousID

Gets the anonymous-user identifier for the current AspNetWebSocket connection.

Application Application Application Application

Gets the HttpApplicationState object for the host ASP.NET application.

ApplicationPath ApplicationPath ApplicationPath ApplicationPath

Gets the root virtual path of the host ASP.NET application.

Cache Cache Cache Cache

Gets the Cache object for the current application domain.

ClientCertificate ClientCertificate ClientCertificate ClientCertificate

Gets the certificate that a remote client issues in response to the server's request for the client's identity.

ConnectionCount ConnectionCount ConnectionCount ConnectionCount

Gets the number of active WebSocket connections.

CookieCollection CookieCollection CookieCollection CookieCollection

Returns the Cookies collection typed as a CookieCollection for Windows applications that use cookies based on the Cookie class (such as WCF server applications).

Cookies Cookies Cookies Cookies

Gets the collection of cookies that was sent by a remote client in an AspNetWebSocket message.

FilePath FilePath FilePath FilePath

Gets the virtual path of the requested file.

Headers Headers Headers Headers

Gets the collection of headers that was sent by a remote client.

IsAuthenticated IsAuthenticated IsAuthenticated IsAuthenticated

Gets a value that indicates whether a message from a remote client has been authenticated.

IsClientConnected IsClientConnected IsClientConnected IsClientConnected

Gets a value that indicates whether the client is connected to the server.

IsDebuggingEnabled IsDebuggingEnabled IsDebuggingEnabled IsDebuggingEnabled

Gets a value that indicates whether the application that hosts the current AspNetWebSocket connection is running in ASP.NET debug mode.

IsLocal IsLocal IsLocal IsLocal

Gets a value that indicates whether an AspNetWebSocket message was sent from the local computer.

IsSecureConnection IsSecureConnection IsSecureConnection IsSecureConnection

Gets a value that indicates whether the AspNetWebSocket connection uses the WebSocket Secure protocol (WSS).

Items Items Items Items

When overridden in a derived class, gets a key/value collection that can be used to share data between a module and a handler during an AspNetWebSocket request.

LogonUserIdentity LogonUserIdentity LogonUserIdentity LogonUserIdentity

Gets the security token for the current user.

Origin Origin Origin Origin

Gets the origin of the WebSocket connection.

Path Path Path Path

Gets the virtual path of the requested resource.

PathInfo PathInfo PathInfo PathInfo

Gets additional path information for a resource that has a URL extension.

Profile Profile Profile Profile

Gets an object that contains user profile data.

QueryString QueryString QueryString QueryString

Gets the collection of query string variables from an AspNetWebSocket message that was sent by the client.

RawUrl RawUrl RawUrl RawUrl

Gets the portion of a URL that follows the website name in an AspNetWebSocket message that was sent by the client.

RequestUri RequestUri RequestUri RequestUri

Gets the original Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) of an AspNetWebSocket message that was sent by the client.

SecWebSocketKey SecWebSocketKey SecWebSocketKey SecWebSocketKey

Gets the encrypted key that is sent in the handshake request to establish an AspNetWebSocket connection.

SecWebSocketProtocols SecWebSocketProtocols SecWebSocketProtocols SecWebSocketProtocols

Gets a list of application-level protocols (subprotocols) that a client can use to send messages using an AspNetWebSocket connection.

SecWebSocketVersion SecWebSocketVersion SecWebSocketVersion SecWebSocketVersion

Gets the version of the WebSocket protocol that an AspNetWebSocket connection must use.

Server Server Server Server

Gets the HttpServerUtility object that provides methods that are used in processing requests.

ServerVariables ServerVariables ServerVariables ServerVariables

Gets a name/value collection of variables that provide information about the web server and about the current AspNetWebSocket connection.

Timestamp Timestamp Timestamp Timestamp

Gets the timestamp of an AspNetWebSocket message that was sent by the client.

Unvalidated Unvalidated Unvalidated Unvalidated

Gets unvalidated versions of one or more field values that are submitted in an AspNetWebSocket message.

UrlReferrer UrlReferrer UrlReferrer UrlReferrer

Gets a collection of URI data about the message that was sent by the client prior to the current message.

User User User User

Gets an object that represents the security context of the user for the current AspNetWebSocket connection.

UserAgent UserAgent UserAgent UserAgent

Gets the name of the remote client.

UserHostAddress UserHostAddress UserHostAddress UserHostAddress

Gets the IP address of the remote client.

UserHostName UserHostName UserHostName UserHostName

Gets the DNS name of the remote client.

UserLanguages UserLanguages UserLanguages UserLanguages

Gets the collection of language preferences for the remote client.

WebSocket WebSocket WebSocket WebSocket

Gets a reference to the current AspNetWebSocket instance.


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