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Represents an element on a page that can be linked to from other documents or other places in the same document.

public ref class LinkTarget sealed
public sealed class LinkTarget
type LinkTarget = class
Public NotInheritable Class LinkTarget


The names of all of the link targets for all of the pages in a FixedDocument are gathered into the Page Content part of an XML Paper Specification (XPS) document. This enables consuming applications to determine if a particular target is in a particular document without having to load the entire document. For more information about the <PageContent> and <LinkTarget> elements, see chapter 3 of the XPS specification which you can obtain at XPS: Specification and License Downloads.


LinkTarget() LinkTarget() LinkTarget() LinkTarget()

Initializes a new instance of the LinkTarget class.


Name Name Name Name

Gets or sets the name of the element that this LinkTarget identifies as a linkable element.


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