ComboBox.ItemHeight Property


Gets or sets the height of an item in the combo box.

 property int ItemHeight { int get(); void set(int value); };
public int ItemHeight { get; set; }
member this.ItemHeight : int with get, set
Public Property ItemHeight As Integer

Property Value


The height, in pixels, of an item in the combo box.


The item height value is less than zero.


When the DrawMode property is set to OwnerDrawFixed, all items have the same height. When the DrawMode property is set to OwnerDrawVariable, the ItemHeight property specifies the height of each item added to the ComboBox. Because each item in an owner-drawn list can have a different height, you can use the GetItemHeight method to get the height of a specific item in the ComboBox. If you use the ItemHeight property on a ComboBox with items of variable height, this property returns the height of the first item in the control.

For more information about specifying the height for items in an owner-drawn list, see MeasureItem event.

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