DataGrid.DataSourceChanged Event


Occurs when the DataSource property value has changed.

 event EventHandler ^ DataSourceChanged;
public event EventHandler DataSourceChanged;
member this.DataSourceChanged : EventHandler 
Public Custom Event DataSourceChanged As EventHandler 


The following code example demonstrates the use of this member.

   System::Windows::Forms::DataGrid^ dataGrid1;

   void CreateDataGrid()
      dataGrid1 = gcnew DataGrid;
      // Add the handler for the DataSourceChanged event.
      dataGrid1->DataSourceChanged += gcnew EventHandler(
         this, &Form1::DataGrid1_DataSourceChanged );

   void DataGrid1_DataSourceChanged( Object^ sender, EventArgs^ /*e*/ )
      DataGrid^ thisGrid = dynamic_cast<DataGrid^>(sender);
private System.Windows.Forms.DataGrid dataGrid1;
 private void CreateDataGrid()
    dataGrid1 = new DataGrid();
    // Add the handler for the DataSourceChanged event.
    dataGrid1.DataSourceChanged += new EventHandler(DataGrid1_DataSourceChanged);
 private void DataGrid1_DataSourceChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)
    DataGrid thisGrid = (DataGrid) sender;
Private dataGrid1 As System.Windows.Forms.DataGrid

Private Sub CreateDataGrid()
    dataGrid1 = New DataGrid()
    ' Add the handler for the DataSourceChanged event.
    AddHandler dataGrid1.DataSourceChanged, AddressOf DataGrid1_DataSourceChanged
End Sub

Private Sub DataGrid1_DataSourceChanged(sender As Object, e As EventArgs)
    Dim thisGrid As DataGrid = CType(sender, DataGrid)
End Sub


The DataSourceChanged event occurs when the DataMember value changes, or when the BindingContext of the DataGrid changes.

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