DataGridViewRow.DataGridViewRowAccessibleObject.Select(AccessibleSelection) Method


Modifies the selection or moves the keyboard focus of the accessible object.

 override void Select(System::Windows::Forms::AccessibleSelection flags);
public override void Select (System.Windows.Forms.AccessibleSelection flags);
override this.Select : System.Windows.Forms.AccessibleSelection -> unit
Public Overrides Sub Select (flags As AccessibleSelection)



One of the AccessibleSelection values.


The value of the Owner property is null.


The following table describes the action that Select method will perform for each flags value.

Parameter value Action
TakeFocus The DataGridView takes focus.
TakeSelection The DataGridViewCell in the row takes focus.
AddSelection The DataGridViewCell is added to the SelectedCells property.
RemoveSelection The DataGridViewCell is removed from the SelectedCells property.

When you specify the TakeSelection value, the column of the DataGridViewCell that currently has focus is the same as the cell that will take focus in the current DataGridViewRow. For example, if row 10, cell 3 has focus, and you specify TakeSelection for row 15, then row 15, cell 3 will have focus. The first cell in the row will take focus if no DataGridViewCell in the DataGridView has focus.

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