AnnotationPositionChangingEventArgs AnnotationPositionChangingEventArgs AnnotationPositionChangingEventArgs AnnotationPositionChangingEventArgs Class


Provides data for the events in the Chart control that change the position of the annotation.

public ref class AnnotationPositionChangingEventArgs : EventArgs
public class AnnotationPositionChangingEventArgs : EventArgs
type AnnotationPositionChangingEventArgs = class
    inherit EventArgs
Public Class AnnotationPositionChangingEventArgs
Inherits EventArgs


The AnnotationPositionChangingEventArgs class is used for the two annotation-positioning events, AnnotationPositionChanging and AnnotationPositionChanged, in the Chart control.

The Annotation property gets the annotation object that is being positioned. This class also contains properties that retrieve the new location, width, height and anchor location of the annotation that is repositioned.


AnnotationPositionChangingEventArgs() AnnotationPositionChangingEventArgs() AnnotationPositionChangingEventArgs() AnnotationPositionChangingEventArgs()

Initializes a new instance of the AnnotationPositionChangingEventArgs class.


Annotation Annotation Annotation Annotation

Gets or sets the Annotation object.

NewAnchorLocation NewAnchorLocation NewAnchorLocation NewAnchorLocation

Gets or sets the new anchor location of the annotation.

NewAnchorLocationX NewAnchorLocationX NewAnchorLocationX NewAnchorLocationX

Gets or sets the new annotation anchor point X location.

NewAnchorLocationY NewAnchorLocationY NewAnchorLocationY NewAnchorLocationY

Gets or sets the new annotation anchor point Y location.

NewLocationX NewLocationX NewLocationX NewLocationX

Gets or sets the new X coordinate location of the annotation.

NewLocationY NewLocationY NewLocationY NewLocationY

Gets or sets the new Y coordinate of the annotation location.

NewPosition NewPosition NewPosition NewPosition

Gets or sets the new location and size of the annotation.

NewSizeHeight NewSizeHeight NewSizeHeight NewSizeHeight

Gets or sets the new height of the annotation.

NewSizeWidth NewSizeWidth NewSizeWidth NewSizeWidth

Gets or sets the new width of the annotation.


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