AnovaResult AnovaResult AnovaResult AnovaResult Class


Represents the results of an ANOVA statistical test.

public ref class AnovaResult
public class AnovaResult
type AnovaResult = class
Public Class AnovaResult


AnovaResult() AnovaResult() AnovaResult() AnovaResult()

Initializes a new instance of the AnovaResult class.


DegreeOfFreedomBetweenGroups DegreeOfFreedomBetweenGroups DegreeOfFreedomBetweenGroups DegreeOfFreedomBetweenGroups

Gets the degree of freedom between groups.

DegreeOfFreedomTotal DegreeOfFreedomTotal DegreeOfFreedomTotal DegreeOfFreedomTotal

Gets the total degree of freedom.

DegreeOfFreedomWithinGroups DegreeOfFreedomWithinGroups DegreeOfFreedomWithinGroups DegreeOfFreedomWithinGroups

Gets the degree of freedom within groups.

FCriticalValue FCriticalValue FCriticalValue FCriticalValue

Gets the F critical value.

FRatio FRatio FRatio FRatio

Gets the F ratio.

MeanSquareVarianceBetweenGroups MeanSquareVarianceBetweenGroups MeanSquareVarianceBetweenGroups MeanSquareVarianceBetweenGroups

Gets the mean square variance between groups.

MeanSquareVarianceWithinGroups MeanSquareVarianceWithinGroups MeanSquareVarianceWithinGroups MeanSquareVarianceWithinGroups

Gets the mean square variance within groups.

SumOfSquaresBetweenGroups SumOfSquaresBetweenGroups SumOfSquaresBetweenGroups SumOfSquaresBetweenGroups

Gets the sum of the squares between groups.

SumOfSquaresTotal SumOfSquaresTotal SumOfSquaresTotal SumOfSquaresTotal

Gets the total sum of the squares.

SumOfSquaresWithinGroups SumOfSquaresWithinGroups SumOfSquaresWithinGroups SumOfSquaresWithinGroups

Gets the sum of the squares within groups.


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