DataPoint.YValues DataPoint.YValues DataPoint.YValues DataPoint.YValues Property


Gets or sets the Y-value(s) of a data point.

 property cli::array <double> ^ YValues { cli::array <double> ^ get(); void set(cli::array <double> ^ value); };
public double[] YValues { get; set; }
member this.YValues : double[] with get, set
Public Property YValues As Double()

Property Value


An array of double values that represent the Y-value(s) of a data point.


The YValues property is used to set the Y-values of data points.

Only one Y-value per point is required for all chart types except bubble, candlestick and stock charts. These chart types require more than one Y-value because one data point consists of multiple values. For example, to plot one stock chart column, four values are required: high, low, open and close values.

The YValues property returns an array of double values when used to retrieve the Y-values.


The YValuesPerPoint property determines the maximum number of Y-values that all data points in a Series can have. If you specify more than the allowable number of Y-values, an exception will be raised.

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