FTestResult FTestResult FTestResult FTestResult Class


Stores results of the FTest statistical methods.

public ref class FTestResult
public class FTestResult
type FTestResult = class
Public Class FTestResult


FTestResult() FTestResult() FTestResult() FTestResult()

Initializes a new instance of the FTestResult class.


FCriticalValueOneTail FCriticalValueOneTail FCriticalValueOneTail FCriticalValueOneTail

Gets the Critical F one tail.

FirstSeriesMean FirstSeriesMean FirstSeriesMean FirstSeriesMean

Gets the first series mean.

FirstSeriesVariance FirstSeriesVariance FirstSeriesVariance FirstSeriesVariance

Gets the first series variance.

FValue FValue FValue FValue

Gets the F value.

ProbabilityFOneTail ProbabilityFOneTail ProbabilityFOneTail ProbabilityFOneTail

Gets the Probability F one tail.

SecondSeriesMean SecondSeriesMean SecondSeriesMean SecondSeriesMean

Gets the second series mean.

SecondSeriesVariance SecondSeriesVariance SecondSeriesVariance SecondSeriesVariance

Gets the second series variance.


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Gets the Type of the current instance.

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