HtmlDocument.Stop HtmlDocument.Stop HtmlDocument.Stop HtmlDocument.Stop Event


Occurs when navigation to another Web page is halted.

 event System::Windows::Forms::HtmlElementEventHandler ^ Stop;
public event System.Windows.Forms.HtmlElementEventHandler Stop;
member this.Stop : System.Windows.Forms.HtmlElementEventHandler 
Public Custom Event Stop As HtmlElementEventHandler 


The following code example resets the status bar on a Windows Forms application when the Stop event has occurred. The code example requires that you have a StatusBar control named StatusBar1 in your application.

ContextMenuStrip menuStrip = null;

public void DetectContextMenu()
    if (webBrowser1.Document != null)
        webBrowser1.Document.ContextMenuShowing += new HtmlElementEventHandler(Document_ContextMenuShowing);
        menuStrip = new ContextMenuStrip();
        menuStrip.Items.Add("&Custom menu item...");

void Document_ContextMenuShowing(object sender, HtmlElementEventArgs e)
    e.ReturnValue = false;


The loading of a Web page will halt if program code calls the Stop method of the WebBrowser control. Navigation failures caused by network outages or malfunctioning Web sites will not cause Stop to occur.

For more information about handling events, see Handling and Raising Events.

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