ListViewGroupCollection.Contains(ListViewGroup) ListViewGroupCollection.Contains(ListViewGroup) ListViewGroupCollection.Contains(ListViewGroup) ListViewGroupCollection.Contains(ListViewGroup) Method


Determines whether the specified group is located in the collection.

 bool Contains(System::Windows::Forms::ListViewGroup ^ value);
public bool Contains (System.Windows.Forms.ListViewGroup value);
member this.Contains : System.Windows.Forms.ListViewGroup -> bool
Public Function Contains (value As ListViewGroup) As Boolean


ListViewGroup ListViewGroup ListViewGroup ListViewGroup

The ListViewGroup to locate in the collection.


true if the group is in the collection; otherwise, false.


You cannot add a ListViewGroup to the collection more than once. However, attempting to add another copy will not throw an exception. Instead, the addition will simply fail. The Add method will return a value of -1 in this case. The AddRange and Insert methods, however, do not have return values. When adding groups using one of these methods, use the Contains method to determine whether a particular ListViewGroup is already in the collection.

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