WebBrowser.IsBusy Property


Gets a value indicating whether the WebBrowser control is currently loading a new document.

 property bool IsBusy { bool get(); };
public bool IsBusy { get; }
member this.IsBusy : bool
Public ReadOnly Property IsBusy As Boolean

Property Value


true if the control is busy loading a document; otherwise, false.



This WebBrowser instance is no longer valid.

A reference to an implementation of the IWebBrowser2 interface could not be retrieved from the underlying ActiveX WebBrowser control.


If this property is true, you can use the Stop method to halt the current navigation before the new document is fully loaded. Use the ReadyState property to determine the exact navigation state of the WebBrowser control. The IsBusy property value is false when the ReadyState property value is WebBrowserReadyState.Complete.

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