Mouse.SetCursor(Cursor) Mouse.SetCursor(Cursor) Mouse.SetCursor(Cursor) Method


Sets the mouse pointer to the specified Cursor.

 static bool SetCursor(System::Windows::Input::Cursor ^ cursor);
public static bool SetCursor (System.Windows.Input.Cursor cursor);
static member SetCursor : System.Windows.Input.Cursor -> bool


Cursor Cursor Cursor

The cursor to set the mouse pointer to.


true, if the cursor was set; otherwise, false.


The cursor being set does not apply to any particular element, but rather it applies to the whole application. So, if after setting the cursor the mouse pointer moves over an object which sets the cursor, the cursor will be changed again.

To force the mouse pointer to a specific Cursor and to force this Cursor on all elements, set the OverrideCursor property.

To set the cursor on a specific element, use the Cursor property on either FrameworkElement or FrameworkContentElement. For more information on the base elements, see the Base Elements Overview.

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