NotifyInputEventArgs NotifyInputEventArgs NotifyInputEventArgs NotifyInputEventArgs Class


Provides data for raw input being processed by the InputManager.

public ref class NotifyInputEventArgs : EventArgs
public class NotifyInputEventArgs : EventArgs
type NotifyInputEventArgs = class
    inherit EventArgs
Public Class NotifyInputEventArgs
Inherits EventArgs


The input staging area processes input into WPF events.

NotifyInputEventArgs is used with the PreNotifyInput and PostNotifyInput events.

Input is processed in WPF in the follow stages:

  1. Pre-process stage. The input manager raises the PreProcessInput event.

  2. Pre-notify stage. The input manager raises the PreNotifyInput event.

  3. The WPF input event or events are raised.

  4. Post-notify stage. The input manager raises the PostNotifyInput event.

  5. Post-process stage. The input manager raises the PostProcessInput event.


InputManager InputManager InputManager InputManager

Gets the input manager processing the input event.

StagingItem StagingItem StagingItem StagingItem

Gets the staging area input item being processed by the input manager.


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