StylusPointProperties StylusPointProperties StylusPointProperties StylusPointProperties Class


Contains a StylusPointProperty for each property that the WPF supports.

public ref class StylusPointProperties abstract sealed
public static class StylusPointProperties
type StylusPointProperties = class
Public Class StylusPointProperties


The following example demonstrates how to create a StylusPointDescription using the StylusPointProperties fields.

StylusPointDescription newDescription =
      new StylusPointDescription(new StylusPointPropertyInfo[]
                        new StylusPointPropertyInfo(StylusPointProperties.X),
                        new StylusPointPropertyInfo(StylusPointProperties.Y),
                        new StylusPointPropertyInfo(StylusPointProperties.NormalPressure),
                        new StylusPointPropertyInfo(StylusPointProperties.XTiltOrientation),
                        new StylusPointPropertyInfo(StylusPointProperties.YTiltOrientation),
                        new StylusPointPropertyInfo(StylusPointProperties.BarrelButton)

int[] propertyValues = { 1800, 1000, 1 };

StylusPoint newStylusPoint = new StylusPoint(100, 100, .5f, newDescription, propertyValues);
Dim newDescription As New StylusPointDescription( _
    New StylusPointPropertyInfo() {New StylusPointPropertyInfo(StylusPointProperties.X), _
                                   New StylusPointPropertyInfo(StylusPointProperties.Y), _
                                   New StylusPointPropertyInfo(StylusPointProperties.NormalPressure), _
                                   New StylusPointPropertyInfo(StylusPointProperties.XTiltOrientation), _
                                   New StylusPointPropertyInfo(StylusPointProperties.YTiltOrientation), _
                                   New StylusPointPropertyInfo(StylusPointProperties.BarrelButton)})

Dim propertyValues As Integer() = {1800, 1000, 1}

Dim newStylusPoint As New StylusPoint(100, 100, 0.5F, newDescription, propertyValues)


The WPF ships with pre-defined StylusPointProperty objects for properties that are commonly collected by a stylus and a digitizer. You can use these built-in properties to create a StylusPointDescription.


AltitudeOrientation AltitudeOrientation AltitudeOrientation AltitudeOrientation

Represents the angle between the axis of the pen and the surface of the Tablet PC.

AzimuthOrientation AzimuthOrientation AzimuthOrientation AzimuthOrientation

Represents the clockwise rotation of the cursor, through a full circular range around the z-axis.

BarrelButton BarrelButton BarrelButton BarrelButton

Represents the barrel button of a stylus.

ButtonPressure ButtonPressure ButtonPressure ButtonPressure

Represents the pressure on a pressure-sensitive button.

Height Height Height Height

Represents the height of the contact point on the digitizer.

NormalPressure NormalPressure NormalPressure NormalPressure

Represents the pressure of the pen tip perpendicular to the Tablet PC surface.

PacketStatus PacketStatus PacketStatus PacketStatus

Represents the current status of the cursor.

PitchRotation PitchRotation PitchRotation PitchRotation

Represents whether the tip is above or below a horizontal line that is perpendicular to the writing surface.

RollRotation RollRotation RollRotation RollRotation

Represents the clockwise rotation of the pen around its own axis.

SecondaryTipButton SecondaryTipButton SecondaryTipButton SecondaryTipButton

Represents the secondary tip button of a stylus.

SerialNumber SerialNumber SerialNumber SerialNumber

Identifies the StylusPoint.

SystemTouch SystemTouch SystemTouch SystemTouch

Represents the point of contact that generates the StylusPoint, whether initiated by a finger, palm, or any other touch.

TangentPressure TangentPressure TangentPressure TangentPressure

Represents the pen tip pressure along the plane of the Tablet PC surface.

TipButton TipButton TipButton TipButton

Represents the tip button of a stylus.

TwistOrientation TwistOrientation TwistOrientation TwistOrientation

Represents the clockwise rotation of the cursor around its own axis.

Width Width Width Width

Represents the width of the contact point on the digitizer.


Represents the x-coordinate in the tablet coordinate space.

XTiltOrientation XTiltOrientation XTiltOrientation XTiltOrientation

Represents the angle between the (y,z) plane and the pen and y-axis plane.


Represents the y-coordinate in the tablet coordinate space.

YawRotation YawRotation YawRotation YawRotation

Represents the angle of the pen to the left or right around the center of its horizontal axis when the pen is horizontal.

YTiltOrientation YTiltOrientation YTiltOrientation YTiltOrientation

Represents the angle between the (x, z) plane and the pen and x-axis plane.


Represents the z-coordinate or distance of the pen tip from the tablet surface.

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