HwndSource.UsesPerPixelOpacity Property


Gets a value that declares whether the per-pixel opacity of the source window content is respected.

 property bool UsesPerPixelOpacity { bool get(); };
public bool UsesPerPixelOpacity { get; }
[get: System.Security.SecurityCritical]
public bool UsesPerPixelOpacity { get; }
member this.UsesPerPixelOpacity : bool
Public ReadOnly Property UsesPerPixelOpacity As Boolean

Property Value

true if the system uses per-pixel opacity; otherwise, false.



When you enable per-pixel opacity, the system no longer draws the non-client area. This is because the intended purpose of UsesPerPixelOpacity is to show non-rectangular top-level UI that works in interoperation scenarios. Therefore, showing the rectangular non-client area defeats that purpose.

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