IKeyboardInputSite Interface


Manages keyboard focus within the container. This interface implements keyboard message management in WPF-Win32 interoperation scenarios.

public interface class IKeyboardInputSite
public interface IKeyboardInputSite
type IKeyboardInputSite = interface
Public Interface IKeyboardInputSite


A container should provide a unique instance of this interface for each of its contained components.

The IKeyboardInputSite interface and the IKeyboardInputSink are used together to provide support for keyboard actions across interoperation boundaries. A site (IKeyboardInputSite implementation) represents a parent of a sink (IKeyboardInputSink). The sink (IKeyboardInputSink) implements the majority of keyboard behavior. Each site must also provide a sink, because the site-specific sink is returned by a property of the IKeyboardInputSite interface.

For a discussion of the input architecture specifically implemented for Windows Forms interoperation, see Windows Forms and WPF Interoperability Input Architecture.

For more information about WPF-Win32 interoperation scenarios, see WPF and Win32 Interoperation.



Gets the keyboard sink associated with this site.



Called by a contained component when it has reached its last tab stop and has no further items to tab to.


Unregisters a child keyboard input sink from this site.

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