BamlLocalizerError BamlLocalizerError BamlLocalizerError BamlLocalizerError Enum


Specifies error conditions that may be encountered by the BamlLocalizer.

public enum class BamlLocalizerError
public enum BamlLocalizerError
type BamlLocalizerError = 
Public Enum BamlLocalizerError


DuplicateElement DuplicateElement DuplicateElement DuplicateElement 1

The localized BAML contains more than one reference to the same element.

DuplicateUid DuplicateUid DuplicateUid DuplicateUid 0

More than one element has the same Uid value.

IncompleteElementPlaceholder IncompleteElementPlaceholder IncompleteElementPlaceholder IncompleteElementPlaceholder 2

The element's substitution contains incomplete child placeholders.

InvalidCommentingXml InvalidCommentingXml InvalidCommentingXml InvalidCommentingXml 3

XML comments do not have the correct format.

InvalidLocalizationAttributes InvalidLocalizationAttributes InvalidLocalizationAttributes InvalidLocalizationAttributes 4

The localization commenting text contains invalid attributes.

InvalidLocalizationComments InvalidLocalizationComments InvalidLocalizationComments InvalidLocalizationComments 5

The localization commenting text contains invalid comments.

InvalidUid InvalidUid InvalidUid InvalidUid 6

The Uid does not correspond to any element in the BAML source.

MismatchedElements MismatchedElements MismatchedElements MismatchedElements 7

Indicates a mismatch between substitution and source. The substitution must contain all the element placeholders in the source.

SubstitutionAsPlaintext SubstitutionAsPlaintext SubstitutionAsPlaintext SubstitutionAsPlaintext 8

The substitution of an element's content cannot be parsed as XML, therefore any formatting tags in the substitution are not recognized. The substitution is instead applied as plain text.

UidMissingOnChildElement UidMissingOnChildElement UidMissingOnChildElement UidMissingOnChildElement 9

A child element does not have a Uid. As a result, it cannot be represented as a placeholder in the parent's content string.

UnknownFormattingTag UnknownFormattingTag UnknownFormattingTag UnknownFormattingTag 10

A formatting tag in the substitution is not recognized.

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