XamlDesignerSerializationManager XamlDesignerSerializationManager XamlDesignerSerializationManager XamlDesignerSerializationManager Class


Provides services for XAML serialization by XAML designers or other callers that require advanced serialization.

public ref class XamlDesignerSerializationManager : System::Windows::Markup::ServiceProviders
public class XamlDesignerSerializationManager : System.Windows.Markup.ServiceProviders
type XamlDesignerSerializationManager = class
    inherit ServiceProviders
Public Class XamlDesignerSerializationManager
Inherits ServiceProviders


The XamlDesignerSerializationManager attempts to optimize access to services that are called frequently during the serialization process.

A XamlDesignerSerializationManager is also used as an input for certain specialized ShouldSerialize methods on WPF classes such as TextBlock.ShouldSerializeInlines, and for an overload of XamlWriter.Save.


XamlDesignerSerializationManager(XmlWriter) XamlDesignerSerializationManager(XmlWriter) XamlDesignerSerializationManager(XmlWriter) XamlDesignerSerializationManager(XmlWriter)

Initializes a new instance of the XamlDesignerSerializationManager class.


XamlWriterMode XamlWriterMode XamlWriterMode XamlWriterMode

Gets or sets the XAML writer mode.


AddService(Type, Object) AddService(Type, Object) AddService(Type, Object) AddService(Type, Object)

Adds a service to the list.

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GetService(Type) GetService(Type) GetService(Type) GetService(Type)

Gets the service object of the specified type.

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