StringAnimationUsingKeyFrames Class


Animates the value of a String property along a set of KeyFrames over a specified Duration.

public class StringAnimationUsingKeyFrames : System.Windows.Media.Animation.StringAnimationBase, System.Windows.Markup.IAddChild, System.Windows.Media.Animation.IKeyFrameAnimation


A key frame animation's target values are defined by its KeyFrames property, which contains a collection of StringKeyFrame objects. Each StringKeyFrame defines a segment of the animation with its own target Value and KeyTime. When the animation runs, it progresses from one key value to the next at the specified key times.



Initializes a new instance of the StringAnimationUsingKeyFrames class.


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Gets or sets the collection of StringKeyFrame objects that define the animation.

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Adds a child StringKeyFrame to this StringAnimationUsingKeyFrames.


Adds a text string as a child of this StringAnimationUsingKeyFrames.

AllocateClock() Inherited from AnimationTimeline
ApplyAnimationClock(DependencyProperty, AnimationClock) Inherited from Animatable
ApplyAnimationClock(DependencyProperty, AnimationClock, HandoffBehavior) Inherited from Animatable
BeginAnimation(DependencyProperty, AnimationTimeline) Inherited from Animatable
BeginAnimation(DependencyProperty, AnimationTimeline, HandoffBehavior) Inherited from Animatable
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ClearValue(DependencyProperty) Inherited from DependencyObject
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Creates a modifiable clone of this StringAnimationUsingKeyFrames, making deep copies of this object's values. When copying dependency properties, this method copies resource references and data bindings (but they might no longer resolve) but not animations or their current values.


Makes this instance a deep copy of the specified StringAnimationUsingKeyFrames. When copying dependency properties, this method copies resource references and data bindings (but they might no longer resolve) but not animations or their current values.


Creates a modifiable clone of this StringAnimationUsingKeyFrames object, making deep copies of this object's current values. Resource references, data bindings, and animations are not copied, but their current values are.


Makes this instance a modifiable deep copy of the specified StringAnimationUsingKeyFrames using current property values. Resource references, data bindings, and animations are not copied, but their current values are.

CoerceValue(DependencyProperty) Inherited from DependencyObject
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Creates a new instance of StringAnimationUsingKeyFrames.

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Freeze(Freezable, Boolean) Inherited from Freezable

Makes this instance of StringAnimationUsingKeyFrames object unmodifiable or determines whether it can be made unmodifiable..

GetAnimationBaseValue(DependencyProperty) Inherited from Animatable
GetAsFrozen() Inherited from Freezable

Makes this instance a clone of the specified StringAnimationUsingKeyFrames object.

GetCurrentValue(Object, Object, AnimationClock) Inherited from StringAnimationBase
GetCurrentValue(String, String, AnimationClock) Inherited from StringAnimationBase
GetCurrentValueAsFrozen() Inherited from Freezable

Makes this instance a frozen clone of the specified StringAnimationUsingKeyFrames. Resource references, data bindings, and animations are not copied, but their current values are.

GetCurrentValueCore(String, String, AnimationClock)

Calculates a value that represents the current value of the property being animated, as determined by this instance of StringAnimationUsingKeyFrames.

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Provide a custom natural Duration when the Duration property is set to Automatic.

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Called when the current StringAnimationUsingKeyFrames object is modified.

OnFreezablePropertyChanged(DependencyObject, DependencyObject) Inherited from Freezable
OnFreezablePropertyChanged(DependencyObject, DependencyObject, DependencyProperty) Inherited from Freezable
OnPropertyChanged(DependencyPropertyChangedEventArgs) Inherited from Freezable
ReadLocalValue(DependencyProperty) Inherited from DependencyObject
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SetCurrentValue(DependencyProperty, Object) Inherited from DependencyObject
SetDesiredFrameRate(Timeline, Nullable<Int32>) Inherited from Timeline
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SetValue(DependencyPropertyKey, Object) Inherited from DependencyObject

Returns true if the value of the KeyFrames property of this instance of StringAnimationUsingKeyFrames should be value-serialized.

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Explicit Interface Implementations


Adds a child object.


Adds the text content of a node to the object.


Gets or sets an ordered collection P:System.Windows.Media.Animation.IKeyFrameAnimation.KeyFrames associated with this animation sequence.


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