TextParagraphProperties TextParagraphProperties TextParagraphProperties TextParagraphProperties Class


Provides a set of properties, such as flow direction, alignment, or indentation, that can be applied to a paragraph. This is an abstract class.

public ref class TextParagraphProperties abstract
public abstract class TextParagraphProperties
type TextParagraphProperties = class
Public MustInherit Class TextParagraphProperties


To create a text layout application that uses the services of the TextFormatter object, you must create a derived class that implements the methods of the TextParagraphProperties abstract class.


TextParagraphProperties() TextParagraphProperties() TextParagraphProperties() TextParagraphProperties()

Initializes a new instance of the TextParagraphProperties class.


AlwaysCollapsible AlwaysCollapsible AlwaysCollapsible AlwaysCollapsible

Gets a value that indicates whether a formatted line can always be collapsed.

DefaultIncrementalTab DefaultIncrementalTab DefaultIncrementalTab DefaultIncrementalTab

Gets the default incremental tab distance.

DefaultTextRunProperties DefaultTextRunProperties DefaultTextRunProperties DefaultTextRunProperties

Gets the default text run properties, such as typeface or foreground brush.

FirstLineInParagraph FirstLineInParagraph FirstLineInParagraph FirstLineInParagraph

Gets a value that indicates whether the text run is the first line of the paragraph.

FlowDirection FlowDirection FlowDirection FlowDirection

Gets a value that specifies whether the primary text advance direction shall be left-to-right, or right-to-left.

Indent Indent Indent Indent

Gets the amount of line indentation.

LineHeight LineHeight LineHeight LineHeight

Gets the height of a line of text.

ParagraphIndent ParagraphIndent ParagraphIndent ParagraphIndent

Gets the amount of the paragraph indentation.

Tabs Tabs Tabs Tabs

Gets a collection of tab definitions.

TextAlignment TextAlignment TextAlignment TextAlignment

Gets a value that describes how an inline content of a block is aligned.

TextDecorations TextDecorations TextDecorations TextDecorations

Gets the collection of TextDecoration objects.

TextMarkerProperties TextMarkerProperties TextMarkerProperties TextMarkerProperties

Gets a value that specifies marker characteristics of the first line in the paragraph.

TextWrapping TextWrapping TextWrapping TextWrapping

Gets a value that controls whether text wraps when it reaches the flow edge of its containing block box.


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