VisualCollection.Remove(Visual) Method


Removes the specified Visual object from the VisualCollection.

 void Remove(System::Windows::Media::Visual ^ visual);
public void Remove (System.Windows.Media.Visual visual);
member this.Remove : System.Windows.Media.Visual -> unit



The Visual to remove from the VisualCollection.


The visual objects that follow the removed object are shifted to occupy the vacated position, and their index values are updated. If visual is null, the first null entry is removed. Note that removing a null entry is linear in the size of the collection.

The Remove method also removes the parent-child relationship between the parent visual, which is the owner of the VisualCollection, and the child visual.

If you need greater low-level control over the underlying storage implementation of visual child objects, consider using the AddVisualChild and RemoveVisualChild methods. When you use these methods, you define your own storage implementation, and do not use VisualCollection.

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