TemplateBindingExpression TemplateBindingExpression TemplateBindingExpression TemplateBindingExpression Class


Describes a run-time instance of a TemplateBindingExtension.

public ref class TemplateBindingExpression : System::Windows::Expression
public class TemplateBindingExpression : System.Windows.Expression
type TemplateBindingExpression = class
    inherit Expression
Public Class TemplateBindingExpression
Inherits Expression


When the content of a template is instantiated for inspection, the TemplateBindingExpression instances represent the template bindings.

XAML Text Usage

You cannot use this managed class in XAML.


TemplateBindingExtension TemplateBindingExtension TemplateBindingExtension TemplateBindingExtension

Gets the TemplateBindingExtension object of this expression instance.


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