UIElement.StylusInAirMove Event


Occurs when the stylus moves over an element without actually touching the digitizer.

public event System.Windows.Input.StylusEventHandler StylusInAirMove;


This event creates an alias for the <xref:System.Windows.Input.Stylus.StylusInAirMove?displayProperty=nameWithType> attached event for this class, so that StylusInAirMove is part of the class members list when UIElement is inherited as a base element. Event handlers that are attached to the StylusInAirMove event are attached to the underlying <xref:System.Windows.Input.Stylus.StylusInAirMove?displayProperty=nameWithType> attached event and receive the same event data instance.

Touch, mouse, and stylus input exist in a particular relationship. For more information, see Input Overview.

Routed Event Information

Identifier field StylusInAirMoveEvent
Routing strategy Bubbling
Delegate StylusEventHandler

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