Window.MeasureOverride(Size) Window.MeasureOverride(Size) Window.MeasureOverride(Size) Window.MeasureOverride(Size) Method


Override this method to measure the size of a window.

 override System::Windows::Size MeasureOverride(System::Windows::Size availableSize);
protected override System.Windows.Size MeasureOverride (System.Windows.Size availableSize);
override this.MeasureOverride : System.Windows.Size -> System.Windows.Size
Protected Overrides Function MeasureOverride (availableSize As Size) As Size


Size Size Size Size

A Size that reflects the available size that this window can give to the child. Infinity can be given as a value to indicate that the window will size to whatever content is available.


A Size that reflects the size that this window determines it needs during layout, based on its calculations of children's sizes.


MeasureOverride is not called when the Visibility property has a value of Collapsed. If the value of the Visibility property is either Hidden or Visible, MeasureOverride is called.


When either Show or ShowDialog are called, the Visibility property of a Window is set to Visible.

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