WorkflowTheme.CurrentTheme WorkflowTheme.CurrentTheme WorkflowTheme.CurrentTheme WorkflowTheme.CurrentTheme Property


Gets or sets the current theme.

 static property System::Workflow::ComponentModel::Design::WorkflowTheme ^ CurrentTheme { System::Workflow::ComponentModel::Design::WorkflowTheme ^ get(); void set(System::Workflow::ComponentModel::Design::WorkflowTheme ^ value); };
public static System.Workflow.ComponentModel.Design.WorkflowTheme CurrentTheme { get; set; }
member this.CurrentTheme : System.Workflow.ComponentModel.Design.WorkflowTheme with get, set
Public Shared Property CurrentTheme As WorkflowTheme

Property Value


The following code example shows how to use the CurrentTheme property to access the AmbientTheme associated with a workflow.

This code example is part of the Workflow Monitor SDK Sample from the DesignerGlyphProvider.cs file. For more information, see Workflow Monitor.

public override Rectangle GetBounds(ActivityDesigner designer, bool activated)
    Rectangle imageBounds = Rectangle.Empty;
    Image image = Resources.Executing;
    if (image != null)
        Size glyphSize = WorkflowTheme.CurrentTheme.AmbientTheme.GlyphSize;
        imageBounds.Location = new Point(designer.Bounds.Right - glyphSize.Width / 2, designer.Bounds.Top - glyphSize.Height / 2);
        imageBounds.Size = glyphSize;
    return imageBounds;
Public Overrides Function GetBounds(ByVal designer As System.Workflow.ComponentModel.Design.ActivityDesigner, ByVal activated As Boolean) As System.Drawing.Rectangle
    Dim imageBounds As Rectangle = Rectangle.Empty
    Dim image As Image = AppResources.Executing
    If Not image Is Nothing Then
        Dim glyphSize As Size = WorkflowTheme.CurrentTheme.AmbientTheme.GlyphSize
        imageBounds.Location = New Point(designer.Bounds.Right - glyphSize.Width / 2, designer.Bounds.Top - glyphSize.Height / 2)
        imageBounds.Size = glyphSize
    End If
    Return imageBounds
End Function


Use CurrentTheme to make changes to the theme used to display the workflow.

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