TrackingProfile.UserTrackPoints Property


Gets the collection of user track points used by the runtime tracking infrastructure to filter user events.

 property System::Workflow::Runtime::Tracking::UserTrackPointCollection ^ UserTrackPoints { System::Workflow::Runtime::Tracking::UserTrackPointCollection ^ get(); };
public System.Workflow.Runtime.Tracking.UserTrackPointCollection UserTrackPoints { get; }
member this.UserTrackPoints : System.Workflow.Runtime.Tracking.UserTrackPointCollection
Public ReadOnly Property UserTrackPoints As UserTrackPointCollection

Property Value

A UserTrackPointCollection that specifies the points in a workflow instance for which the runtime tracking infrastructure should send a UserTrackingRecord to the tracking service.


A workflow designer or an activity designer can use Activity.TrackData, Activity.TrackData, ActivityExecutionContext.TrackData, or Activity.TrackData to instrument a workflow or an activity to emit data to the runtime tracking infrastructure at specific points during the execution of a workflow. Such an occurrence is called a user event and the data emitted is called user data. The runtime tracking infrastructure uses the UserTrackPoints property to filter user events to determine when to send a UserTrackingRecord to the tracking service. You can add a UserTrackPoint to the UserTrackPoints property to specify points of interest in the potential execution path of the workflow instance for which you want a UserTrackingRecord sent.

A UserTrackPoint does not actually define a physical point in a workflow instance, but instead defines a set of match parameters that can be used by the runtime tracking infrastructure to match user events. Therefore, the same UserTrackPoint can be matched many times during the lifespan of a workflow instance. The runtime tracking infrastructure always returns the user data associated with a matched UserTrackPoint in the UserTrackingRecord, but a UserTrackPoint can also specify data to be extracted from the workflow instance and returned in the tracking record.

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